“I decided to reach out to Forth when I embarked on pursuing a career in the UK. I had revised my resume several times in my literal years of job hunting, but I wanted fresh eyes to guide me and give an unbiased opinion. 

I was SO HAPPY with my session with Elle. She was so accommodating of my schedule and the time change, and I really felt she went above and beyond to help me as much as she possibly could. She had done research into the roles I was looking at and what hiring managers might want to see, and she was completely focused and professional for our entire session. What impressed me most was that we worked through my resume line by line to make sure each word was powerful and productive. Elle didn’t just spew generic advice, she talked through my experiences with me and helped me brainstorm the highlights I should be emphasizing to employers. And I have to say it was a huge success!! With the help of my Forth-made resume I have accepted an analyst position with Experian, a top 3 credit reporting agency, at their UK headquarters. I did not have any contacts within the company, so I am positive it was my resume that got me in the door. I would absolutely recommend a session with Forth to invest in yourself and your professional future.”

Kimberly R.