Professional Development "Self Care"

In media and among the influencer world the term "self care" is extremely prevalent.

I, for one, have grasped this concept and attempted to add rest and reflection in my life for my personal mental and physical health. Maintaining a good diet, exercising frequently, turning off devices at the end of the work day, and overall just listening to my body when I need to slow down or make a change.

Something NOT as prevalent in the self care conversation is attention to self care in the professional development / career development department. You may be wondering.... "what does self care even have to do with my career or my current job, etc?"

For me, self care is centered around intentional investment in oneself. Specifically, spending time or money on improving my soul or spirit. Just as it is important to take a rest day, exercise, and eat well, it is just as important to be filling your mind with ways to improve your communication skills, career interests, or even new found talents.

Some examples may be:

  • Take a writing course

  • Have coffee with a fellow industry expert / leader

  • Attend a seminar with a guest speaker focusing on something of interest to you

  • Pay to go to a conference or dare I say Boot Camp (slight Forth Boot Camp plug)!

All kidding aside, those investments in your development could change your entire thinking in your profession. It could even give you an edge above and beyond your coworkers. Lastly, it may even give you a push to jump out on your own or start that side hustle that's been in the back of your mind.

Go Forth and self care, people. What types of professional self care have you experienced and LOVED recently? Give us some ideas!