Realizing the answer isn't clear [and doing it anyway]

There’s always a point in someone’s life where you realize something, somewhere, at some point - change is coming. That change or shift in season can be extremely clear - and sometimes it can be pretty blurry. To clarify, the fact that a change is coming is crystal clear but WHAT that change is resembles the view of looking through your parents high prescription glasses as a child. All kinds of foggy.

For me - this was Forth. These few things were clear:

  • Students

  • Their brand

  • Their story

  • Their dreams coming true

  • Somewhere in the middle of it: me, eagerly wanting to walk them through that process

Everything else that goes with that: extremely unclear.

There are days where the financial part can be confusing and the questions from friends wanting to know my success stories seem daunting because honestly what I should respond is: “I am figuring this thing out.”

Do I know all the answers yet? Absolutely not.

Do I feel confident in the “business plan” and the 12 month financial growth model? Not a chance.

Am I doing the next best thing? Every, single, day.

I don’t have nearly all the answers and I definitely don’t know what Forth is going to be in 10 years but I pray it honors my initial “yes.” I hope it is impacting student’s trajectory and I am continuing to meet and work with students.

So why does this matter to you?

YOU may also have a dream. This dream may still need to brew in your brain or sit on the shelf but one day you’ll feel that the timeline is getting closer and I want to give you courage that it won’t always look perfect before you jump. Many people won’t tell you that but it’s true. It’s true for 99% of us.

My advice to you in the meantime: work on the dream, take time to think about the dream, and know that you could already be living your dream and that’s the extra exciting part! But if the dream seems daunting and big, just think about doing the next best thing (even if it’s partially a stab in the dark). You will come out the other side, learn what worked and what didn’t, and go from there. This has been Forth’s story even within a couple months and it’s growing me more than anything ever did.

Go Forth, friends!