Personal Development Gift Guide

Hey Forth!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I know you people simply want the GOODS. You want to know what to buy for yourself and what to buy for your people in order to say “I love you, and I want what’s best for you!”

So here they are, my top three personal development gift ideas are:

  1. Daily Deposit by Macy McNeely:

    This guide / journal ROCKS. It is a daily productivity practice that allows you to identify your top 5 “game day items” to move your life forward. It also lets you write three gratitudes, three affirmations, and one personal development learning every day. Follow Macy McNeely on instagram (@macymcneely / @dailydeposit) for further description of how to use it! This has been a personal game changer for me and for Forth.

  2. Gym Membership / Wellness Plan

    It seems clique to suggest a “wellness plan” for a new years purchase but it truly can be life changing. No matter the cost, you cannot put a price on your physical health because it is a direct correlation to mental health. Your personal development will suffer if your body isn’t in it’s best condition!

  3. Finance Budgeting App: Every Dollar

    There are many great budgeting apps out there but it’s crucial to find one that works with your lifestyle. The best luck I’ve had is with the “Every Dollar” app by Dave Ramsey. We pay for the premium version that automatically inputs your purchase information. It’s worth the investment to know where your dollars are going for your financial health.

There are so many more ways to invest in your personal development (i.e. conference tickets, digital calendars, physical planners and agendas, various books, etc.). The key is to pick something and follow through with it!

Go Forth!