What is an "Eff Yeah!" List?

The concept of an Eff Yeah! List is exactly what it sounds like - listing out things that make you say "Eff Yeah!"

When relating this to your career goals - the Eff Yeah! list is a list upon reflection of what makes you most joyful, excited, and proud? What did you accomplish that made you want to fist bump yourself? Was it in a professional setting or did you settle a difficult argument with a friend? Did you save up money for a trip? Did you speak to a group of people and win them over?

Professional accomplishments, personal victories, community opportunities, extracurricular hobbies? Think through ALL facets of your life over the past year!

Once you're Eff Yeah! List is created, what patterns do you see? Does anything stand out? Do many include speaking? Maybe many included story-boarding / white-boarding / brainstorming?

Take this list and dream up your next yes. You may look at this list and realize your current position is exactly where you should be. OR (!!!) maybe it shows you where you get your most joy and there's a spot on your team in a different department that would be a better fit?

For those of you IN the job search, this is the ideal exercise to narrow in on your dream job.

Find your Eff Yeah and Go Forth!