Timing is Everything!

The most common jargon around timing in our personal and professional opportunities sound something like this:

“The timing just wasn’t right”

“It will happen in due time”

“Timing is everything”

etc. etc. etc. etc.

Although I agree with all of the above and probably many more that you folks have heard, I want to spin the word timing on its head and discuss the more practical use. Let’s break down the art of working and resting and grinding at the times when it makes the most sense for you.

It’s extremely important to understand your natural rhythm. For example, are you an early to rise and early to bed (raising my hand over here)? Are you a night owl that comes alive when the sun goes down? Maybe you’re one of the chosen ones who kills it in an afternoon study session (I envy you). Not everyone thrives at the same time everyday, so why fight it? You do YOU.

From a personal perspective: I love mornings. I love everything about them. The freshness and newness gives me so much energy I can knock out emails, work out, write a blog post, clean the house, plan content, make phone calls all before noon.

However……. I die around 2:00 pm - every. single. day. That afternoon slump is a real deal.

Therefore, my personal schedule involves waking up early and getting after it until I feel the slump coming. Then, I am able to take a step back and do less focus-intensive tasks. It took me realizing my rhythm to give myself grace to slow down in the afternoon after a full morning. Learning to quit the guilt that comes with resting. That concept is for another blog another day…

Now what?

I challenge you to not only recognize where your hustle time lies but to actively plan around it. Trust me, when you KNOW that a certain time works best for you, you’re more motivated to get all the work done in that time frame.

Go be an night owl, afternoon champion, or a morning bird! But for goodness sake don’t try to be a night owl if you’re actually a morning bird because that is a disaster waiting to happen (from experience).

Go forth and schedule your hustle!