A Day in the Life of Forth

Many of you have different questions around what a day in the life of Forth’s founder (aka: me) looks like! So - you ask and I deliver!! Here is an everyday overview look into what Forth does. Also, follow along at @forth_llc with InstaStories to get a live interaction.


Early wake up call - taking care of Lady (Forth’s mascot), exercise, coffee, personal development / quiet time, breakfast, & plan out daily Game Day List (can order official Daily Deposit book from @macymcneely: www.macymcneely.com)

Game Day List Guide: 3 gratitudes, 3 affirmations, personal development idea / concept, 5 game day activities to move your life forward! (i.e. create Forth Friday content, meet with John Smith, Outline speaking content, practice presentation, do 3 loads of laundry, clean kitchen, ETC.)!!

Start tackling Game Day List - swallow the big frog first (the largest, most difficult item on the list)


Continue working toward accomplishing all 5 Game Day Lists

  1. Travel to meet clients at Magpie for coffee / work on contracted services

  2. Research content and concepts for career development

  3. Craft fresh Forth blog posts, online content, online course curriculum

  4. Etc.!

Listen to career / entrepreneurship podcast every day!


Walk Lady, cook dinner, clean kitchen, feed Lady, email follow-up, run errands, etc.!

Although this a general overview - every day is totally different!

Follow along with my stories @forth_llc to see me live and in action getting career content live and on the spot.