Words Have Weight

We all of have said…. “what’s the word for it?” “what am I trying to say?” “do you know what I mean?”

When we finally say what we are thinking - it’s pure MAGIC.

What if we could perfectly describe who we are with words in the same way? What if when we described ourselves with these words it just clicked in people’s mind?

This is the goal of communicating who you are. This is the goal of winning others over. This is the magic of a 5 star interview. Leaving the interviewer knowing exactly who you are. Zero questions. 100% confidence.

Here are some ways to work your way to get some killer words to the age old question: “describe yourself”

1. Listen to your people.

There are things people in your corner have probably told you about yourself your entire life. “You’re such a good story teller”, “I’ve never had a more loyal friend than you”, “your memory is incredible”, etc.

Listen to them and take notes. Keep a running list. And if you can’t think of something they’ve said - ask them! It’s nice to ask, what is it like to be my friend? Anything I do particularly well? What is different about me than your other friends? It’s a fun and uplifting exercise!

2. Include Adjectives

Given we are discussing the importance of literal words, it’s crucial to use the BEST words for description. Are you a “good” storyteller or are you an “engaging storyteller with a knack for humor”? Are you just a loyal friend or are you a loyal friend and enthusiastic dinner date? Think outside of the box. Think about what sets you apart - get creative!

3. Keep your list rolling

Pay attention! This may not be a one and done exercise. Pay attention to things you do that is different from others. What you enjoy that’s odd. What you listen to and how you speak? Are you a homebody or a travel enthusiast? Pay attention and take note. The most aware of it during your day the easier it will be.

Once you narrow down on a handful of things that you feel perfectly embody you - you’ll be DYING to share with the world! It feels pretty empowering to find the exact words to describe who you are to the core!

Go Forth and use your words wisely!