Forth Favorites: Women's Work Wear

Launching a NEW Blog Series known as Forth Favorites! I get pretty frequent requests here and there to discuss where I get my work clothes, or what podcasts I listen to, or what influencers I follow, or what books I read!

First up on this series: Women’s Work Wear!

I will be honest… lots of my clothes are second hand or very very very discount. I start there so I can kick it off with how to SHOP SMART!

  • Always be on the lookout for professional signature pieces (wherever you happen to shop)

  • When you see something that fits and makes you think “WOW, I feel confident” and is at a good price, BUY NOW! It’s hard to find that and especially if it’s on sale. You can always return or resell.

  • Don’t be afraid to BORROW. Borrow from your friend, your sister, your sorority sister roomie, your classmate, etc.! If you need a killer outfit for an interview, borrow and swap clothes with your gals. That’s what gals are for.

  • If you don’t love it 1000% in the dressing room, DO NOT BUY



  • Ann Taylor LOFT

  • Local consignment stores

  • Nordstrom Rack - Forth Favorite: Halogen

  • TJ Maxx - Forth Favorite: Cynthia Rowley

  • Target - Forth Favorite: Who What Wear

The bottom line: If you’re constantly looking for pieces that are work appropriate AND show your personality well, you will find them on sale! It’s easier to accumulate over time than to buy in one shopping spree! Add pops of personality into the neutral and more “boring" wardrobe.

I love this topic and fully believe you can look appropriate, on trend, and have your clothes look “expensive” on a budget!

#GoForth & Rock Your Professional Personality